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Hello everyone,

Im building a new system and i need an advice on what case and PSU to choose for a system built with an i7-930 cpu and ready to host an HD 5850 or GTX 470 GPU in crossfire or sly (maybe even 3 way in the future)? I dont really know what's the difference between a mid tower and full tower case so i would like some help with that, if it helps i think im going to use the ASUS P6X58D-E mobo...
for the case im willing to spend about $100 (maybe if it's worth it $150) and for the PSU $100-150 (i dont really know what are the prices for PSUs these days...)

Thank you very much for helping!
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  1. Full towers are pretty much more spacious and allow many components to be installed, you can have many harddrives, cd/dvd/blu-ray drives, card slots(if motherboard supports it), and etc.

    On the downside, they are indeed more heavier, and of course larger, so to its personal preference.

    Mid towers are smaller of course, and allow fewer components to be installed, but if it fits your needs it'll be fine.

    So bascially, make sure the case:
    1. Fits all your drives
    2. Fits your motherboard
    3. Fits your graphics card
    4. Fits your PSU
    5. Fits your style (How the case aesthetically looks)
  2. The COOLER MASTER 690 II ADVANCED midtower is a great option. Its ratio quality/value is very difficult to beat. Here you have some video reviews:

    A very good full tower for 150$ aprox. is the ANTEC 1200:

    If you are thinking about doing 3xCF (I would recommend you to go for the ATI 5850 solution), these PSUs would be very good options for your needs:

    Corsair HX850 850W (modular)

    XFX 850 W Black Edition

    Corsair TX850 850W (non-modular)

    alll you need for a 3 way

    or just a nice 2 way

    the psu is a special antec spec but its a great unit
  4. Cooler Master HAF 932 and Corsair HX850W.. Just a recommendation, Multiple GPU setups should end with 2 cards which gives you maximum efficiency.. Adding a third card ensures 3X on heat and noise but not on delivering frames..
  5. corsair hx850 psu would suit u fine.
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