No post, no beeps, no video

Sorry for doublepost, but thought this was a better subforum.
i got parts for a new computer yesterday. amd 965 black, asus m4a89gtd mobo, 4gig corsair ram (compatible with mobo, checked), 5770 and a new hd and a chieftec 650w modular psu.

One symptom has been consistent, no post beeps.

At first, i (like a noob) mounted everything in the case and tried to start. Got no video and no post beeps. So i plugged screen to onboard gfx, and got video. I then tried to install w7 through usb, which went ok until the first reboot. Then the screen would only show two lines of pixels in the middle of the screen.
I turned off, rebooted and got good graphix until w7 inst rebooted again and the same thing happened. After that i got no more video signals (and the dram light was on continously).

Next step, try different ram configs, no results. SYmptoms still same, no post beeps, no led flashes, only the power light and dram light is on continously.
After reading on the net i try to reseat cpu and heatsink, but no change.

So i breadboard, only cpu&psu&mobo. no beeps, no blinks, only power light and dram light. I retry with different ram-configs and push the memok button for a while, but after it runs its series of blinks, its back on continously.

This is where I am no, no beeps, no blinks, no video (on either onboard or offboard gpu) powerlight and dram light on continously, with or without ram in.

Unfortunately I dont have any ram I know is good, but at the same time it did work (ish) at first, and since i'm not getting any beeps, I'm leaning towards a dead(ish) mobo.
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  1. I assume the PSU is: 1. Working, 2. Properly connected {24-Pin AND 8-Pin}, 3. GPU leads connected.
    I assume the MOBO is still breadboard.

    Pull the CPU and look for bent pins, and IF you have an extra PSU try it.

    Generally, No Beeps or NO Fan spinning is suggests: Short, Bad PSU, Bad/improperly mounted CPU.

    Please post the following with links:
  2. Yes, sorry. Always room for more info ^^

    Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 -

    Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 -

    Amd Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition -

    Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz 4GB CL9
    CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 PC3-12800 9-9-9-24 240pin DIMM -

    Chieftec Nitro Series BPS-650C -

    All fans work, I have no indication that PSU doesn't work (though it did blow a fuse in my apt once due to having too much plugged in there already). Though that is kinda hard to troubleshoot myself (since i dont have any equip mentioned in the troubleshooting faq). Both connections to mobo are in.
    When you say GPU leads connected, you are referring to the power cable from the psu right? I don't see anythign else I can plug in.

    I took out the cpu (no pins bent or anything obviously wrong), put it back wrong and bent 4 pins (didnt try to boot, saw it was wrong immediately), took it out again, rebent the 4 pins i moved (it looks normal now), and put it back down normally.

    But there is one infotidbit I just thought of: I connected one of the case-fans to the same wire from the psu as the gpu (when i first installed), and when it was like that, that casefan didnt work (but the other casefans did, and the gpu fan worked). Rewired it to another wire from the psu (only shared with one other fan) and it worked normally.

    The reason I think its not the psu is because I've removed everything and ran with just the mobo/psu. And still no beeps or video (from onboard vidcard).
  3. The HD 5770 require a PCIe lead directly from the PSU; it will not draw enough power from the MOBO to work. {should be a connection on the top/right/underneath}

    If you had a "power spike" and the PC was connected w/o a very good surge protector or "better" an UPS -- you could have fried anything {CPU, MOBO, PSU, GPU}. Also the PSU, I get leery of multi-rail and non-Japanese capacitor PSUs; especially ones with NO PFC or Voltage/short protection.

    Next the RAM, CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 is not listed as Tested with your ASUS M4A89GTD PRO -

    Pull the HD 5770 GPU and try ONLY the on-board GPU; what if any changes?
  4. Thank you, yes I have a 6pin connector straight from psu to gpu.
    Nah the fuse blew due to overloading the circuit when went from a 350w psu to a 650w one I reckon.

    The ram is QVL (or whatever the abb is) from the mobo. I found it in the mobo manual, so I think its legit.

    I have no clue on PSU's and just bought one on a recommendation from a dude at a forum. It was cheap and modular :\
  5. Again, I know it's a pain:
    1. Reinstall the OLD PSU
    2. Pull the HD 5770
    3. Use the on-board

    Next, try the HD 5770 with the OLD PSU.

    IF it can boot then it's you "new" PSU.
  6. Did the old PSU thing, (it cant power the vidcard, but im getting that replaced anyway, bought the 512mb version by mistake, wanted 1gig one xD), and still nothing from the mobo. No sounds, dramlight continually on.
    Taking it down to the compshop now, lets just hope i get a new mobo in not too long.
  7. ETA is 2 weeks. Thanks for the help :)
  8. So was it a bad Mobo?
  9. Would have been nice to get a conclusion to this.
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