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I have been an avid PC gamer for a long time, I've also been building my own computers for about 10 years.

Today I am a poor uni student and I can't afford to buy as lavishly as I used to, but I still want to bring my gaming PC up to spec soon. I live in Canada, generally the website I've used to buy computer parts is , but any website that ships to Canada is fine.

Here's my specs right now, if possible I want to re-use as many parts as possible. For example, my most needed upgrade right now is my processor. I know that this means I need a new motherboard, and likely new ram. I'd like to stretch my video card out for another year, for example.

AMD +3800 X2 @ 2.0GHz
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe , socket 939
2gbs ram
Nvidia 8800GTS @312mb
430W Thermaltake PSU
1680x1050 .. but since my vid card is sub-par I sometimes have to run at lower res in-game.

I know the processor/mobo need to go.. SO what's a good low-budget alternative for gaming these days? If any other info is needed, please tell!
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  1. Sorry ... Nor an AMD historian ... Getting there ... Socket ??

    = Al =
  2. Socket 939 was short-lived .. Basically I'd probably end up (assuming I stay AMD) with socket AM3.

    I am open to intel, but for price reasons I prefer AMD.
  3. What is your budget then?
  4. Well, let's say I'm ready to spend $400 with tax(14%) in
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    Athlon II x435/Gigabyte 770 USB3 Motherboard - 172.98:

    G.Skill DDR3 4GB 110.49:

    Antec Earthwatts 650W 89.99

    Total: 373.46 (x1.14 = 425.74)
    Don't worry use this site to find some good deals on the parts to help cut the cost more:

    Question: need a new hard drive? I could cut the RAM to 2gb to include an hard drive.
  6. Thanks much, this looks pretty solid and right down my alley. One question: is the powersupply a must right now or can I wait until I get a new video card ?
  7. The power supply is not a must, I just listed it so the transition would be smooth when you add a GPU. Your PSU will just be enough for the system though (according to PSU calculator linked at bottom)

    You can check out how much power your system will need approx with PSU calculators:
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  9. Ok, thanks for clearing that up! This looks like a solid setup, I was checking out the X3 a while ago, glad to see it recommended here!

    And, no I don't think I need a new hard drive right now. I've been looking at buying an external, but my internal is good enough for the moment
  10. As a heads up, I purchased these parts and installed them last night... Works beautifully, huge improvement! Thanks
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