Only 50%-53% memory utilization during stress test

I built this computer a month or two ago, and just noticed that I've never seen the RAM usage go above 53%. I tried running a prime95 stess test as well as intel extreme tuning utility, and it caps out around 53%. This seems strange to me. I have 6 gb of patriot viper II sector 7. Windows recognizes all of it, but it seems like it wont utilize it. Im using the sabertooth x58 motherboard as well. Does anyone have any advice?
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  1. Post the following:

    Verify settings:
  2. You're fine!

    Prime95 "shouldn't" use 100% RAM, and if it did it would crash.

    "By selecting Custom, the user can gain further control of the configuration. For example, by selecting 8-8KB as the FFT size, the program stresses primarily the CPU. By selecting 2048-4096KB and unchecking the "Run FFTs in-place" checkbox, providing the maximum amount of RAM free in the system, the program tests the memory and the chipset. If the amount of memory to use option is set too high then system will start using the paging file and the test will not stress the memory."
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