Dell C521 CPU high temperatures

Hello folks. I'm having some issues with the CPU in my Dimension C521. For the record, I was completely stupid when I bought this PC :kaola:

I installed a new GPU two days agoand then decided to check the temps as the casewas running a little hot. Downloaded HWmonitor and the temp reading for the GPU was 38C max at idle and 67C whilst running a game like Red faction Geurilla.

That, I was asssured, was reasonable for a GPU. The CPU however was maxing out at 42C during IDle and climbing up to 65C during the game. My specs are;

Dell C521
Athlon 64 X2 4200 2.2GHz
Sapphire 5570HD 1GB
and the stand in dvd that comes with the machine.
280W PSU

I tried reapplying thermal paste to the CPU, as well as cleaning out the entire fan and heatsink of dust. Also disabled cool 'n' quiet. Still no luck. Any advice onwhat else it could be?
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  1. Anybody? I'm at my wits end here. I thought about buying a new cpu but this one works fine, it's just the stupidly high amount of heat.
  2. Really? I'm a little relieved after heraring that! Cheers! Might just buy a fan anyway seeing as they're not overly expensive. I know from scouring the forums the dell bios has issues with aftermarket fans not being detectable but I'm willing to live with a silly error message so long as it works better than this one.

    Once again, thank you!
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