Possible gaming system for $400.00 ?

I need some help real bad. I would like to know if it is possible to build a cheap gaming system for $400.00 ? Things that I do not need are a mouse,keyboard,monitor..I have an old os of xp home 32 bit still in the package so I might as well use it. It is going to a family that I know and they in some hard times right now.
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  1. That is really kind of you and games can really take the edge off of hard times, with a gaggle of punksters.

    If they are that bad off, then a PS2 (used from game-stop for $100) and a crate of tried and true favorite 2nd hand games will beat the PANTZ off of Yahtzee and Uno !! . . . Spend the savings on RAD controllers and a nice display.

    . . . Next up would be a PS3 or an X-Box ... do you see the logic ? $ ?

    You can still purchase an ATOM or Lo-Ball AMD system for home office tasks ... Even my old P3 with Win2000 can do basic surf and eMail (to this day!) and those can be had from the GoodWill Industries PC recycling center, for pennies.

    With a game-station, everything is truly plug-n-play and less failures.

    Just a thot.

    = Alvin =
  2. I am totally confused as to what alvin smith just said...

    But here's a gaming PC for $400


  3. I think Alvin Smith was trying to suggest a PS2 for games and a crappy computer for internet/email/office stuff.
  4. Thanks whitefang,your answer is a lot better than Alvin Smith. Had I said game console no. I should have said that it was for a 5yr old and two parents one that is a part time DJ and has loads of music to transfer. I do have their old pc and it was a Dell 4400 and the mobo just died
  5. Normally, I would just tuck my tail and limp away but I just wanted to say I am very glad Fang came up with what the OP was looking for.

    Fang is a great tech and put's it all together and serves it up on a platter with all the totals ... that is really impressive and the builds are superb!

    I know Fang (and a few other "greats" are going to do that so, if I see a less obvious or more of a "fringe" alternative, I'll be bold and put it out there. I take a whole lotta flak for that but, some-times . . .

    Anyway, sorry to trash up the thread but I felt an explanation was in order and going outside the box is what I often do. Still on topic.

    Can't go wrong with one of Fang's builds ... I hope he'll have a go at mine, in the near future.

    = then I can go away and edit video =
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