3 Video cards for 6 Monitors?

I need to run 6 Monitors off of one computer. So I was gonna buy a new motherboard with 3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots and then 3 cheap cards with 2 DVI each. Do you guys think this will work?
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  1. yes or you could get only 2 of ATIs new 5000 series cards, they support 3 monitors, however you will need a Displayport to DVI/HDMI or Displayport to VGA adapter for the 3rd monitor on each of the cards.
    DP to VGA
    DP to DVI/HDMI

    What sorts of things do you plan on using the monitors for? just 2D apps like internet browsers or 3D intensive tasks like rendering?
  2. Its going to be simple 2d viewing on all monitors. Cool Thanks for the advice.
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