My New Pc

I am going to build a new pc. will these parts all work with each other?
And what else do i need ?
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  1. novatech power supply is a no go area of smoking and sparking pc destroying certification

    do you really need that a high end mother board?

    you have a slow low power drive

    just change to this


    hard drive

    a power supply to even run 2 5770's if you want to

    this cooler is also good but cheaper
  2. is it ok if i keep that motherboard?
  3. yeah you can but unless you will ever run 4 graphics cards i think its a waste really
  4. thanks, for the advice. i might get 4 ATI 5970 blackedition's. :)

    i dont see the point in SSD, not yet anyways when they come in bigger sizes and cost less, then i might buy one
  5. the most you can run are dual 5970's and you'll need least a high quality 850 watter for that but get 1000watts just to be safe with 2 5970 beasts
  6. with 2 XFX ATI Radeon 5770 XXX Edition. what power do i need ?
  7. ati reccomends 600 watts but the corsair tx650 is more then enough
  8. ok. this is what i have so far.
    This should be a beast. i would buy more ram but im running out of money.
  9. yah they sell them here
    Which one's should i get i only want 4GB atm.
    And what are CAS 9-9-9-24 Timings in RAM ?
  10. looks good
  11. yeah they will totally fit
    you might have to do some fine tuning to get them running to spec but its a minor task
  12. will they definately fit the motherboard?
  13. ok thanks a bunch.
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