Just had a new desktop built, installed windows 7 64 bit OS. Problem is that I only have 2 MB of memory and I want to upgrade to 8 MB which my motherboard supports. My motherboard is a AS Rock G31M-S R2.0 and only has two slots for memory, so I will need 2 4 MB sticks 800MHZ 6400 memory. Looked for the approved manufacters list but all I could find was something saying the memory needed to be by the same manufacturer and the same size. I am having trouble findind 4 MB sticks of 800 MHZ PC 6400 memory that arent priced out of this world, didnt want to spend over 150 or 200 for the whole 8 MB of memory. Anybody have any ideas
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  1. Hi.

    It's recommendable but not necessary that u install only approved RAM, u can go with other different RAM and could works without problems.
  2. - 4GB kit for only $62.99.

    For extra $4 you can buy this - 4GB kit.

    You need 8 GB so means multiplying them by two because you're buying two kits.
  3. Please search the forum. There are hundreds of topics which are similar to yours.
  4. Quote:

    Dude, this is for notebook memory.
  5. Right dude, but the items are for branded PC (and notebooks). There's PC-2700, PC-5300, & PC-6400.
    But I think the asker needs memory DIMMs DDR2 PC-6400 only.
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