Prime95 shows FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 16384 ???

Try to google this ERROR but they all come out with "arounding was 0.5"

I OCed my Athlon II x2 245 to 3.8Ghz from 2.9Ghz.

What is my problem, please help.

Core#1 is working fine for 9hrs.

This is Core#2 Prime95 Log (stopped after 4hrs):

[Jan 4 06:19] Test 14, 75000 Lucas-Lehmer iterations of M1310721 using AMD K10 type-1 FFT length 84K, Pass1=112, Pass2=768.
[Jan 4 06:20] Self-test 84K passed!
[Jan 4 06:20] Test 1, 2100 Lucas-Lehmer iterations of M30695135 using AMD K10 type-2 FFT length 1600K, Pass1=320, Pass2=5K.
[Jan 4 06:21] Test 2, 2500 Lucas-Lehmer iterations of M29311553 using AMD K10 FFT length 1600K, Pass1=320, Pass2=5K.
[Jan 4 06:22] FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 16384, expected less than 0.4
[Jan 4 06:22] Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.
[Jan 4 06:22] Torture Test completed 218 tests in 4 hours, 14 minutes - 1 errors, 0 warnings.
[Jan 4 06:22] Worker stopped.

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  1. That means your overclock is no longer stable. My previous CPU was an AMD II X2 Regor 240. Best I could get it stable was about 3.542 (14x253), so I turned it down and left it at 3.5ghz(14x250). I wasn't hitting any thermal threshold either. So if your not having any heat issues, thats probably as best as you can get.

    homerhellboy223 said:
    This chip wasn't designed to clock at that level on air. Unless your liquid cooling I'd scale it down to a more stable overclock. I'd recommend googling a stable overclock for that processor and maybe try adjusting those levels from there to achieve your desired performance level:

    I would disagree. Unless he is on a stock cooler, he shouldn't have thermal issues. I didn't have thermal issues when I was running a Xigmatek Loki and certainly no thermal issues when I switched to a Noctua NH-D14. So if he is using a decent non-stock cooler, it can be overclocked on air. The chips wouldn't hit a thermal load that would merit the need to water cooling.
  2. Thanks for quick replay, I have a water cooling for CPU and Antec mid tower case which has enough air flow.

    CPU always around 30'C, motherboard around 40'C.

    It won't be any thermal issue.
  3. More voltage is the answer my friend.

    What are you core load temps in prime95 after an hour or two?
  4. Just because lot's other can archive it, doesn't means it always will.... not all chip is the same...

    The prime means it not stable O.C. it could be power or temp issue or it just the chip was not good bin....

    u can try increase the voltage... but always keep eye on temp (within voltage & temp limit) ...
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