Win xp freezing at POST before bios

hi folks,

since last week I can't boot my PC (win xp), or access even the BIOS.
My ASUS P5K-SE shows only 2 screens: the first mobo screen ( and which shows different, that is, with many white dots everywhere, which it did NOT show during normal boots, and the disk list (
I tested the 2 RAMs, they're fine, and I also plugged off any USB connections, but this screen still shows according to this order (and then everything goes black, and nothing changes, although the fan continues to work, and when I hit the shut off button on the case, the PC shuts off without anything changing on the screen).

What could be the problem and how could I solve it??? Anything related to software, or does this look like a mobo or power unit problem???

Please bear in mind, that I can't even access any CD, or even the bios...

many thanks in advance....

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  1. Your Info & Images:
    Post Screen:

    White Spots:

    So, you "can" boot into BIOS or "cannot" - the images are confusing this question/statements... If you can run {memtest} then clearly too you have access to BIOS.

    1. Clear CMOS
    2. Boot from XP Installation CD
    3. Use F8 to repair Windows

    Need some more clarification.
  2. oops. forgot to mention that. I have already tried the clearing CMOS step, and nothing changed...
    sorry about the confusing pics
    they should be: (here you can see the white dots better)

    I can't boot from the CD, since I cannot access BIOS to change to "boot from CD"

  3. Okay, I updated the images.

    BOTH the images above prove you are Posting. The "spots" can be from either a bad GPU/connection/or PSU power {lack of / dirty power}.

    If you cannot access the BIOS then find or use the original PS/2 keyboard.

    Let me know if you can access with a different KB/M.
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