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I have a computer for work only and have to run three displays, ATI 5750 lasted 10.2 CC, Win7 64bit. I do not need to run eyefinity. I just need to extend my desktop to three displays. I have a passive adapter, can I get it to work without having a active adapter?
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  1. You will need the active adapter regardless of using Eyefinity. It is more accurate to say that you need the adapter to run the 3rd display.
    This cheap $25 DP to VGA adapter works and is a much better alternative compared to the $100 DP to HDMI/DVI adapters.
  2. Judging form the reviews Id say it would. Just keep in mind if you have 3 monitors that are not the same resolution, the DP to VGA adapter must be placed onto the monitor that has the highest resolution out of the 3.
  3. still cannot get it to work. what am I doing wrong. win7 says the monitor is a generic non PnP display and cannot do anything with it, and ccc says that the displayport is disabled. how do I fix that?
  4. What screens are you using? Do they all have the same resolution?

    Try running your computer with the DP monitor disabled, then unplug the DP monitor from the card and replug it and manually detect displays. This made my 3 screen setup work when I was experimenting with two 1680x1050 monitors and a 1280x1024 monitor, the 1680x1050 monitor connected to DP just would not work until I unplugged and replugged the DP cable.
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