Overclocking wall with phenom II B50

Hello, I seem to have hit a wall while OCing my Phenom II B50. Anything over 3.74ghz and I BSOD or have other wierd stuff happen. I'm at about 1.47 v and it runs games at sub 50c so I have thermal room to play with. I was told that BSODs are caused by memory, 1600 MHz crucial ballistix in mine. How would I go about OCing memory? I have never tried before.
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  1. Don't worry about memory for now you will only find yourself with more BSOD's.

    Overclock one thing at a time, if you have crashes you need more voltage. Clearly you have voltage and temperature headroom, use this to your advantage.
  2. I pushed it to 1.52 (from the stock 1.42) and It keeps dropping cores during stress tests. Does this mean I have reached the limit of my CPU?
  3. Raising the northbridge can sometimes aid in overclocking with higher cpu clocks, I'd go for about 2600Mhz on the N/B (don't exceed 1.3v on cpu-N/B when overclocking the northbridge). Try this and retest for stability.
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