M4a78lt-m proper bios settings

I have lots of trouble with my system restarting itself and getting bsod issues. tried many possibilities, but obviously need to set bios properly on it first wchich i am not sure of.
basically i have m4a78lt-m motherboard, phenom 560 prosessor, 2*geil 1333 memory and radeon hd5670 from asus, plus 750 watt psu.
any logical bios settings? bios revision 801
cheers :fou:
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  1. First, sort-out problems first before "tweaking" the BIOS. I assume the HD 5670 has its' PCIe lead connect to/from the PSU.

    1. Clear CMOS {refer to page 1.9 ; p 28}; REPLACE the Jumper to positions 1|2 when cleared.
    2. BIOS {Load Defaults} ; for now
    3. Windows -> run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic
    3. Repeat whatever caused the BSOD

    My initial thought is your RAM, and IF {2*geil} means that you did NOT purchase in a set of 2 then I'm even more so concerned about your RAM. In addition ganged vs unganged can cause issues; try both ways.

    Q - What DIMM slots are the GEIL installed?

    RAM {GEIL} verify you indeed have the Correct RAM http://www.geil.com.tw/configurator
    ASUS QVL Listed
    DDR3-1333 CL9-9-9-24
    DDR3-1333 CL9-9-9-24 {kit of 3}
  2. thanks for reply.
    so my geil mem are 2 identical ddr3 cl9-9-9-24
    i have had one at beginning(BUNDLE DEAL FROM DABS) and bought another one to swap and eventually send back, but whichever i used i had bsod. maybe different but did not think it is memory issue. i will try follow your advice tomorrow, see what will happen and postr back

    thanks again

  3. the mems are in black slots and radeon has not any psu leads.
  4. Try the Blue DIMM slots. {I wasn't certain if the HD 5670 needed extra power or not; HD 5770 does}
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