I7 960 + Asus Rampage III Extreme

Hello! as my thread says, i have one 960 with Rampage III Extreme...

My O.C is 4.3GHZ with Hyper Threading Enabled... Voltage in 1.38V

My temperatures is 80°C in MAX LOAD with Prime.... after 10 hours....

is that OK ? does anyone go with HIGHER with same CPU ? maybe there's some EXPERT choices for lower volt and that means lower temperatures ?

or expert choices for more O.C ?

I Use HANDBRAKE for video encoding & i need the MAX FPS that my CPU can give me...!

if someone want to help me for some better settings, would be great! im here to listen ALL your opinions!
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  1. hmmmmm! No one ?
  2. first gen i7 run hot but anything below 80c is acceptable to me...
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