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HD 5670 Vs 9800gt

Dont bring physyx or dx 11 into comparison just the rendering capacities of each card whose image quality AA and AF is superior ?
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  1. There are some direct benchmarks. The 9800 is still a great card. However I would go for the energy effcient DirectX 11 5670. Or if you can splurge the 5770.
  2. I would say go Radeon 5 due to the age of the 9800GT, but here's some more that was already discussed here earlier on another thread:
  3. unfortunately i have budget for 1 card nd have batman aa so if i take HD i wont be able to play that game with physyx,so i was thinking to go for a low card and upgrade to fermi, but fermi is getting bad previews on the net, like its powerhungry etc.
  4. Well Batman: AA is one game. Some bonus effects in one game that you will likely finish in a few days shouldn't be the deciding factor on a video card imo.
    That said both card are good choices at their price point with the 9800GT being a bit more powerful(10ish%) and the HD5670 offering great power efficiency and DX11. However in the US at least you can get an HD4850 for $100 and it's a much better card than either of those.
  5. but gpureview says hd 5670 has 64gb/sec bandwith vs 9800 gt bandwith of 57gb/sec so how is it more powerful ?
  6. Well obviously memory bandwidth is far from the only thing that matters in terms of overall performance.
  7. so how to determine performance ?
  8. Benchmarks
    Here is a summary chart from a review of the HD5670 for various resolutions;
    Check out the rest of the article for the actual frames per second in games.
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    I haven't checked to see what card is more powerful, and I'm not going to. But you should really just get the most powerful card you can with your budget and ignore all of the DX11/energy efficiency/PhysX stuff.

    I really doubt that you are going to be playing games in DX11 with a weaker card like the 5670. You would definitely have to turn down some details, especially if you are playing at a sizable resolution. If I was you, I would rather just play in DX10 with the details cranked back up.

    I don't know too much about PhysX performance impacts, but I am guessing that the situation will be very similar in regards to DX11. Your card will not be powerful enough to handle PhysX without turning down some settings. If it was me, I would rather play with the settings cranked back up. So, just like DX11 with the 5670, PhysX with the 9800GT should be discarded from the list of features you take into account

    Energy efficiency? As long as the card isn't adding sizable increases to your electricity bill, I would say screw efficiency. At the end of the day, you want the fastest card you can get for your money.

    I'm assuming based on some of these other posts that the 9800GT is faster, so I would say get the 9800GT. If they were both equal, I would definitely get the 5670. If the 5670 is more powerful, well you get the point.
  10. It might also be a good idea to check out the overclocking headroom for each card and how they perform overclocked. The 5670 might be able to close some of those performance gaps (looking at the charts posted).
  11. Go for the 9800GT. It can run any game at high end settings at resolution of 1280x760.

    It can even pull games like Metro 2033.

    Its cheaper as well............ :D
  12. I dont think u will find a 9800GT in the market but GTS250(re-branded 9800GT) is still available. So go for it if you have a decent psu to feed our old beloved monster.
  13. DX11 with the HD 5670 is academic - is just too weak for it. You will get better performance from Batman AA with the 9800 GT. In general the 9800 GT is a tiny bit faster as well. If you are in the US this is a pretty good deal after rebate:

    What is the maximum price you can budget for? Maybe we can find something better than those two within it.
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