Sound delay when starting music/audio

When a start to play song, the sound will not start for about a millisecond then
it will only be on one speaker for a bit and finally its will be normal,
this is all withen about a second or so.

It seems to happen randomly, more if i've not played sound for a while. and i don't
think its just to music, i think it happends in games aswell in missing sounds.
I have and Audigy 2 ZS old i know but its all i got at the mo.
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  1. Have you tried onboard sound and see if thats repeatable?
  2. Yeah, i tired that and its not repeatable, so is something wrong with the sound card, maybe not enough power
  3. I think i've fixed it by increasing my northbridge voltages
  4. Ok i've not fix it. I will try and describe my problem again.

    For the most part, audio playback is fine, but when audio features are first used (for example when the windows startup sound plays, or when any other windows sounds play) the beginning part of the sound is clipped of, and playback finally begins part way through the audio file. Its like the sound can't get there fast enough to play incidental audio sounds. (I'm trying my best to describe this issue and I hope I'm getting the gist across, please ask me 20 questions if you aren't certain what I'm talking about).
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