Dual video card pci-e x16 cord in x1 slot - help requested

hello people. I ran a mod from another thread to use a soldering iron to melt the end off a pci-e x1 slot and put an x16 graphics card in an x1 slot. the drivers of my geforce 210 installed fine for the modified slot, but when i put the second card back in the x16 slot, one card will not start, getting a code 43 error for the second video card.

they are both nvidia geforce 210 pci-e x16 cards. Setup is windows 7 - 64 bit. 3GB ram(important in case its a ram issue due to different chips(1GB + 2GB chips). I bought an adapter plate which converts the x1 slot to an x16 slot(running at x1 speed of course). Mobo has the G41 Intel chipset, an eton motherboard (H-IG41) 1 pcie-x16 slot, 2 pcie-x1
slots, and 1 PCI (older) slot, all open not counting the 2 video cards.

hp said I cannot run 2 video cards at all(not counting the onboard which auto disables when a pci-e video card is present). I tried to run a PCI card in addition to the PCI-e x16 card. No good. I tried a second PCI card, no good either. That was just background info. I saw a mod to melt the end of the x1 slot off and did it. It worked! But my joy was smashed when i put the second card in the unmodified slot and it will not start.

I know on vista that you I would need identical cards, is it possible that I should be running different cards because this mobo is "stupid" ? I have run many multiple monitor setups on computers and this is the first time i had major headaches. Any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. There's a little more to this than adding a PCIe slot to accommodate 2 GPUs in either CF or SLI; like the correct chipset or in this case missing nVidia chipset.
  2. i am trying to run multiple monitors so I am not looking for SLI mode. Can you tell me if hp was correct in saying that its simply not possible to run 2 GPU's on this mobo? I have gone back to the store and they accepted my return. I didnt do it today because I have to back up my files before wiping this thing clean. I would prefer to keep this box, but it has given me an incredible amount of grief so I can go either way as far as returning this thing tomorow, or fixing it. I would prefer to fix it but I am not optimistic that it can be resolved.
  3. jaquith, can you please elaborate on the missing nvidia chipset comment?
  4. SLI/CF requires special chipset(s), but running them (2) single doesn't pertain.

    I overlooked 'HP' - most OEM MOBOs are a pain because their BIOS is locked-down/crippled, and their MOBOs are lack a variety of features {deliberately}. If you want to run multiple {individual} and/or CF/SLI then you're going to need to build a PC {at least} a Consumer-level MOBO. If you don't want to build then buy one built to your specs - CyberPowerPC {3-year warranty} http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/

    Based on what I know now - 9.9/10 SOL w/HP :(
  5. thanks very much for your input j. back to the store with this POS it is. I am going to pay a few bux extra for a PACKARD BL iXtreme l6523 Desktop PC + Viseo 230 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor... TOMOROW morning. I am sick of my 19" samsung normal aspect sitting on my desk yearning for a signal. I have seen the new unit running 3 monitors at the store so I know its going to work this time.

    Unfortunately I dont have time to build it myself, but I will definitely consult this forum b4 my next computer purchase and will never ever EVER buy a crap in the box off the shelf unit again...ever! thanx again, you made my thoughts of trying to save this beotch at the 11th hour change to getting file sharing setup so I can backup my files and format this thing.

    Processor Intel® Core™ i5-650 Processor
    - 3.20 GHz
    - 2.5 GT/s DMI
    - 4M Intel® Smart Cache
    Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    RAM - 3GB installed DDR3 RAM
    - supports 8GB maximum DDR3 RAM
    Graphics card ATI® Radeon™ HD5450 graphics
    - 512MB dedicated memory
  6. Good Luck!

    System looks very nice! :sol:
  7. thanks man! i will stop responding to this thread now except to say that the 23 inch widescreen should be a closer match to my 2 - samsung 19 inch regular aspects.

    the 20 wide i have now is 1.5 inches shorter then the 19's. working on the file transfer now :) peace
  8. You 'may' want to use something like a single GTX 450 and KEEP everything else...cheaper and will work.
  9. so the hdmi will work with the 2 DVI ports for a total of 3? the cards i have do have 3 ports but the hdmi doesnt work if the other 2 ports are being used. (geforce 210 - i know it sux but i dont need much as a web developer not gamer.)

    could you please comment on the 2 cards the new computer would be using? Radeon HD5450 + the gforce 210. Is that at least a HALFway decent setup, and how do the 2 of them stack up against the gtx450?

    I was ready to pack this hp up and throw down the dough to get the upgraded processor, upgraded hdd, upgraded monitor and be live tomorow. I will be considering this option as i watch my backup proceed. I liked you better when you said im SOL and Im gettin a 23 inch screen but ill be broke after that! (JOKE)
  10. SOL with (2) GPUs on current rig; not SOL with (1) GPU. Do NOT mix nVidia + ATI simultaneously; it is very tricky {each control will disable competitive nVidia vs ATI feature sets}. The only way I've done (3) monitors with 2/3-WAY. There are some issues using the DVI + HDMI.

    So, ATI + nVida or only nVidia the GTX 450 would be my choice or GTX 450 in SLI.
  11. ive been thinking about it while backing up my files, and for the headaches ive endured through this fiasco(i have been trying to get the triple monitors running for almost 2 months - this is the FOURTH video card I bought, not including the working 210); i am going to go with the upgraded machine because this one pissed me off so bad that I dont want any other issues later on.

    you made me reconsider carefully for sure, and you will be happy to know that I AM going to get a gtx 450 for the new machine at the first miniscule HINT of trouble with the new rig, or when i simply want to upgrade the GPU setup a little later.

    I saw the 3 monitors working on the floor model using my own video card(nice customer support huh? they loaded the card onto 2 machines to make sure it would work for me, and are accepting a return 2 months later because the original salesperson told me that i could use triple monitors on this rig and hp finally said nope a few days ago).

    so thanks again for your input, it was valueable to me :)
  12. There's a difference between 'Cloning' a monitor {same screen} and using 2-3 monitors for split screen.

    Nice simple video - http://www.pcworld.com/article/157672/how_to_set_up_multiple_monitors.html
    3 Monitors - http://www.youtube.com/user/NCIXcom#p/u/1/4mJeefx5_Qc

    When I go to Best Buy - I grin and nod my head - {thinking what a dumb a$$}

    BTW - I love 2-3 monitors; you 'may' want to think about tilting 90-degrees with 3.

    Good Luck and I hope I helped! :)
  13. for me its all about the extending not cloning. i am in the uk and at home in the states i was running 4 nineteen inch 4:3 monitors so i have been cut in half with only 2 monitors for 2 months and chomping at the bit to get just 3. although i DO like the widescreen for certain apps so i wont be too bothered by only having 3 monitors.

    at home the 4th was just because I had the output(twin ati something or others, it didnt used to matter since im a developer not a gamer) and a "spare" 4th monitor the same size, so i had dedicated monitor for email lol :) 2 weeks ago i would have jumped on the 450 and been done with it, but im not taking any chances. Hopefully this will all be over tomorow(knock wood). ill pm you the results so this thread can r.i.p. thanks for the insight and a warm welcome to these forums

    - Rit
  14. quick question. i saw 2 prices for the 450.. 120 and 180gbp(roughly). how much is the price you were figuring i would pay for the gtx450? i have to pay ~200gbp for the upgrade because when i bought this machine it was 469. the new one is 699, and im getting 45 trade in on the moot geforce 210.

    I dont want to have to return any more video cards(partly bc it was mail order) so im keeping one for the new box, trading in the other and getting my 3 monitors working plus a bump up on the cpu, hdd and last but definitely not least, the monitor. i cant wait!!!
  15. The "probable" difference is in the GPU memory sizes, 768MB vs 1GB. For the multiple monitors I'd go the 1GB route.

    In my office I use (2) 20" - I have a company that does IDX data {Real Estate data}. I've tried (3) and it was too much "stuff" in front of me and became more distracting.

    Good Luck!
  16. i got the other unit, setup properly on the first attempt. i am finally happy. 2x 19 normal aspect and one 23" widescreen in the middle. i will start a new thread when it is time for me to upgrade, for now I have to make up for lost time. thanks for the input.
  17. Glad to hear! :sol:
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