Strange Computer Happenings

Operating system: Windows XP SP 3
CPU type:AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 4000
CPU Speed (GHz):2.42
System memory (GB): 2
Graphics card model:NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

I built the computer in June of 2006, except for the graphics card, which I think I got in January 2009.


--1-- When exiting out of a game or something that takes up alot of Ram, my computer takes at least 1-2 minutes to recover, even if I just end the task.

--2-- I was playing Starcraft 2 yesterday, and my computer decided to randomly restart on me

--3-- When loading Starcraft 2, which takes up about 700-800 mb of Ram. The menu's lag. And they shouldn't at all. Also, I have to play this game on the lowest settings, and it lags in-game even with those settings. Although it should be able to handle more.

--4-- I ran a test across my Ram, and received no errors

--5-- When running any program(s) or game that takes up a cummulative 800 Mb or so of Ram, my computer can't really do anything else, but run those programs. This could be because of my single core processor, but I doubt it. If even one program miraculously hits 800mb (or about), my computer can't handle anything additional.

My Theories

--1-- Motherboard is failing (Has most up to date Driver and Bios)

--2-- Not enough Power (550W)

--3-- Processor is dying

I know this seems like it all points to Starcraft 2. Like the game has compatibility issues or something, but I'm quite confident that isn't the issue since I have other general issues I shouldn't be.
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  1. Every time i had a computer just randomly restart it was bad ram, I had a power supply go bad and it would run, and now and then it just wouldn't start at all. I have no real experience with a processor going bad it was always working, not working. once a bad mother board was causing performance problems for my son.
  2. Any other suggestions?
  3. I ended up reformatting my computer, problems solved :). I'm not sure why, but I'm assuming it had to do with excess proccesses or registries that bogged down the system. All I know is that it worked wonders.
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