Asus rampage III wontrecognize all memory

mly rampage 3 wont ever start u p in bios when the memeory is in the all red slots or in the all black slots.
but if I go red black red it will start right u p but still does not recognize all of my memory sticks/

I read a lot of peopell are having problems getting it to recongize all the memory any ideas
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    I don't know which version of ASUS Rampage III you have, but the RAM should be installed in the 'Red' slots. In addition, the RAM 'should be' either from the Certified {QVL} list or Tested list from the RAM Mfg {Configuration} using their online tools.

    Next, Clear CMOS and if that fails then use the MemOK! button {see manual re: procedure} on the MOBO to get it running. Regarding the remainder of ANY BIOS changes, please list them ALL.

    Please post your version of MOBO and the part-number and/or link to your RAM.

    Verify the following:

    Post the following:
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