Just finally purchased my video card

Hello guys and girls.I recently purchased a xfx radeon hd 4890 for 188 dollars.Last one on the shelf at best buy lol.I purchased a 550 watt psu and its handling it all pretty well.Temp is low etc.Heres what i want to ask.

I notice yall say processors can hold a card back.do you think my amd phenom quadcore 2.8ghz will hold this card from its full potential?.

I know 1 thing it is wierd playing crysis on very high settings lol.since i got the game i played on low settings its like i seen the light.I got 8 gb of ddr3 ram in my pc also.

I dont care about dx11 or any of that crap.I know that its going to be different etc for the new games but i can manage in dx10.Im on a budget do yall think i made a great buy?
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  1. It depends on your resolution but I think the processor should be ok but it will vary by game.
    You can test it yourself. Basically if you increase your resolution and your FPS doesn't really go down much then your processor is limiting you.
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