2500k help

h100i pushpull
1866 gskill

i was overclocking on my 100i i got a few hours ago
i was stable and temps between 57-60c at 46 multiplier after 5 minutes. i went and tryed for a 47 multi and my system froze and bluescreened i diddnt get to read what it was but since i now have my cpu at 4ghz. if my temps are stable and my prime 95 tests went error free could that 100mhz really have caused an error or so i need to change something else i read something somehwere about memory controllers not being able to keep up? please anyone even with a comment if not a solution.i was really hopeing to do some sirius overclocking now that i got the h100i
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  1. 2500k memory controller is supposed to max out at 1333 IIRC. (I have heard it's no big deal to run 1600, but I can't see the difference in every day use, so I don't bother)

    1866, has got to be pushing your luck. What voltage are you running on the RAM? (That's also an area of concern with sandy bridge)
  2. my ram is running at 1.5v and set to 1866m through intel xmp
  3. 1333 is the stock speed and will usually max at ~2133 for SB. But ram speed really doesn't make much difference for SB. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/memory/2011/01/11/the-best-memory-for-sandy-bridge/6 Most people get 1600 simply because it's usually the same price as 1333. Ram speed doesn't matter when ocing since ram speed and cpu speed are not connected for SB. You never stated your vcore but you can be unstable at any speed depending on the voltage. Also 5 mins is not going to test stability. You have been told this before.

    Btw you can look up the bsod in your reliability history but it is obvious the oc did it. 100mhz is plenty make it unstable.
  4. You should try and run Prime95 for at least 30 mins. Some people run it for 24 hours. Monitor temps and good luck.
  5. i dont remeber my exact vcore but it was along the lines of 1.2 something, would upping the voltage a bit help?as well as would bringing my gskill down to 1600 help?
  6. at 46x and 4.59ghz the vcore is 1.27-1.3v on auto and temps are all under 60 right now, im doing a few hour stability test.it should be noted that my cpu frequency varies between 4490 and 4590.3
    multiplier is at 46 and bus ratio 99.8
    but this also change to 99.6 here and there while testing,and my multiplier goes to 45 and back to 46 on its own
  7. my cpu has now been down to 4390 doing this test, im going to hold out and stop till i can get answers if this is normal or not ,my package got to 61c and my hottest core to 59c 25mins of prime 95 with no errors
  8. Ram speed is irrelevant. Don't use auto vcore, that is the issue. It won't know what voltage you need. I'd suggest offset. Cpu frequency fluctuating has already been explained to you, it's normal. The ratio changing can be stopped by changing the long duration but it's just another normal thing. You can do short tests just trying to find the right speed but once you get where you want, do it overnight.

    4.7 can be done on my 212+. I just went straight to 1.35v and saw what's the highest I can get and that is what I got. I just fine tuned it from there. Temps were still fine and it saves time. There is nothing to worry about unless you jack up your voltage.
  9. would it help my overclock if i turn off auto long duration?if i manually change my vcore whats the highest i can go? I have read some places 1.4 and others 1.5. sorry about the re accuring questions i just really dont wanna degrade the life or even kill my cpu.
  10. It won't help it, it just makes it so the ratio stays at it's max. It is changing because prime isn't a constant load. Intel says the safe is 1.52 but I'd recommend 1.4 if you are keeping it oc for normal use.
  11. ill up it to 1.35 and leave the long duration on auto and try again for a 4.7-4.9 clock and run prime overnight and hope for the best
  12. ok so now that im at offset voltage i was stable in prime 95 with a 46 multiplier. i had the voltage to -0.025 and i was stable in prime good temps and all but than i was playing bf3 and i got a 0124 bsod, so i upped the voltage to -0.020 and my pc was fine till i reset it self,i wasn't around to see the code so i upped it to -0.015 and now i wake up to another reset so i upped it again to -0.010. the offset voltage was set on stage 5 i just changed it to stage 4 . i also still have pll over voltage disabled. any help would be much appreciated
  13. You can tell me an offset but that is useless as it doesn't tell me the vcore. The base offset value is different for different mobos so -.05 can give me 1.25 but it can be 1.15 for you and that is a big difference. Llc would also change the vcore. Offset doesn't have stages, I assume you meant llc level. Did you read an oc guide so you know what everything is?
  14. As of now i am still stable in games but im going to wait till tonight to run prime 95,in my bios the stage 4 was for the vdroop i think it being at stage 5 dropped it to low as well as me having my vcore to low. today through out out 2-3 hours of gaming and normal use the voltages minimum is 0.94 and max is 1.31,averaging around 0.95-0.97 on idle and 1.26-1.29 while gaming . and temps at idle low are 23 25 22 26 and a package 27,the average of idle are from that to 30,the max while gaming 48 50 50 51 and 51 package. ill have more info from a prime 95 test tomorrow morning but i have a feeling it was my vdroop going to low because it only reset once after i upped the offset back to -0.15 and after that i upped to -0.10 and went from stage 5 vdroop to stage 4 witch from the motherboards graph doesn't drop the voltage as low when at idle .Also to be noted until i upped the voltage i was getting slight shudders while watching videos although i cant be sure if it was the pc or the website i was witching off of but when i went back to re watch the part it didn't shudder the second time.
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