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Hi Guys,

The last machine i built was maybe 6 years ago. I'm looking for some recommendations. I do a lot of graphic edition, so I was leaning toward an i7. I read on Intel's site that the i5's aren't quad core.
I also use dual 20" monitors so i need a very decent graphics card which dual dvi's ( I don't think i need a lot of on board graphics mem). Any ideas on a chip motherboard/graphics card I should get? I want to over clock it too (which I have never done). I'm open to any and all suggestions, i have been trying to catch up on current equipment. Thanks!
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  1. yeah only the i7 900 series ,800 series and the i5 750 are true quad cores,
    for the graphics it matter the most you can either get a fire gl from ati or
    quadro from nvidia since you are doing graphics.

    here are some reccomendations:

  2. i recommend the Nvidia's Quadro for workstation graphics cards if your doing allot of graphics.
    If your going w/ the Core i7 processor, i don't recommend going above the 920. Anything above that is just way to expensive w/ so little gain (you can also OverClock the 920 to nearly 4.0 Ghz if you want)
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