Why is my Fraps going lower and lower by days?


Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Hard Drive: 250 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)

I just build this like a month ago. When I first got it the Fraps were going at above 35 for all games. Now the most obvious problem im getting right now is that when a week ago i run Drift City at max settings i got 50 fraps and today I got on and it runs at 18... at the lowest then It stays at 24-28. Another problems is when I play crossfire my fraps were like 200 use to and now it is at 70 and lower.

Why is this happening? Did i set my grraphich card setting wrong? Thanks. :(
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  1. Have you run a virus scan?
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