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(sorry about the sub-category if it's incorrect, not sure where to put it) Ok so i wanted to save money on my build and decided to go with 6GB triple channel 3x2Gb RAM sticks. I figured that would be plenty but now i'm wishing i would have went with at least 8GB if not 12-16. I'm looking on newegg but can't find any single 2GB sticks at all. So i'm wondering if it's possible to just add one more stick to get to 8GB or do i have to go buy a whole new set?
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  1. You can add ram but that does not change it from triple to quad channel. Your motherboard dictates that, What do you do with that machine that you need more than 6GB of RAM?
  2. I would not do what you are suggesting. Memory with an X58 needs to be added in MATCHED sets of 2 or 3 {2, 3, 4 or 6}. Unless you are doing Pro grade {Video or Rendering} I seriously doubt you run out of free memory, BUT if you do then get an IDENTICAL Triple Channel {matched-set}.

    Good Luck! :)

  3. I'd go all the way up to 12gb if you really need more.
  4. Gotcha. i did not know most of that so thanks a lot. i'm now very glad i somehow picked the same channel that my motherboard supports. So then does the number of sticks determine the channel number? I have the Asus 6pt intel mobo and it supports up to 24GB and triple channel. Would i have to get three 8GB sticks to reach that then? (not that i actually want to)

    And i'm trying to build my first computer and want it to be a higher end gaming rig. So that's probably the most taxing thing i'll be doing on it. So if 6GB is plenty then awesome. I've just been reading other people's gaming builds and 6 is definitely on the lower end.
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    Games are built to be able to run on a 32 bit system in order to meet the widest possible market. I do not know of any that have the option to improve performance or function by taking advantage of 64 bit addressing.

    If you will be just gaming, then 4gb is all you can use. If you will be doing some multitasking, then a bit more ram is good to keep those added tasks from interfering with your game. 6gb is a really nice size on your P6T motherboard.

    If you really wanted more, then a 12gb kit of 3 x 4gb would probably be best. The nehalem processors are largely insensitive to ram speeds. Do not pay more for higher speeds or better timings.
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  7. Awesome. Thank you very much. always good to hear there's no need to spend more money!
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