How to disable Raid 0 in windows vista and replace 2HDD by 2SSD Non Raid?

My current system is based on Raid 0 with 2HHD(2x500 GB: 4200rpm)), I will replacebathe 2
HDD by (2x250 GB SSD inte 510 series.
How can I proceed? Keeping in mind that I had saved Data on 3 different External HD.
I wish to do a clean install of Windows 7 instead of Vista.
What are the proceedings, even the 2SSD comes with migration software, but still, I would like your opinion as experienced people in this matter.
It sounds easy, but I would like to make sure I don't miss some little unvaluable details before starting.
To Summit up: I would like my system running with the 2SSD without RAID. No RAID At All, so one of them, is for OS and some softwares and the second for files( Media: photo/ Video so Home Data) which will be backed up regularly on External HD( actually the same, I save all Data in 3 even more External HD, just in case.

Any help guys will be appreciated in advance,
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  1. Well, you wrote that you "wish to do a clean install of Windows 7 instead of Vista." If you do a clean install, the migration is sort of irrelevant. Or did I miss the point, and you want to migrate settings and user files.

    For bringing over settings and other old stuff, you could look into the Microsoft tool: .

    The only thing that occurs to me is that, after backing up everything on your RAID0, you could boot into that part of the BIOS and delete the RAID volume. Winy will install in the proper mode if you leave the chipset controllers in RAID mode but just don't create any RAID volumes, or you could go all-out and change the setting to AHCI mode.
  2. Let me make one point clear: RAID is not part of Windows, it's part of the motherboard chipset (option) running the drives controller.

    Yes you can install 2 SSDs: one for OS, one for Data. But the SSD for storing data will be overkill.

    I'd save some major bucks, and use on the the HDD as your "Data Drive."
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