HDD 'Misdetected'?

I got 320GB Seagate HDD for years and today out of the blue, its gone weird.
It's supposed to be "ST3320613AS" in BIOS, but it become undetected, and when I try shutting down it and start it again, it's detected as "ST_M13FQBL" with only 4015mb...
I can't get into Windows, even if I get to Windows, it crashes and the screen goes black...

Anyone know what's the cause?
Thx in advance

My spec:
Intel E8600 Dual Core
Gigabyte G31M-ES2C
Corsair CX500W
HDD Seagate 320Gb (The one that got problem)
HDD Seagate 500Gb
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  1. bad disc sectors so it draws a conclusion on model based on size of drive it sees?

    can you put in another pc and perform a check disk?
    chkdsk /r
  2. I've tried using Windows scheduled chkdisk... it shows no error
    but when I use HDTune, as soon as it starts to error check, 3 red blocks appears and the computer crashes...
    I think it's the HDD

    I tried installing Windows on the other HDD, but I can't run it... I've unplugged the 320gb and it still can't boot windows..
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    You unplugged the 320 *after* you installed on the 500, right? It's possible that the boot instructions were (attempted to be) installed on the 320.

    Now try to install again on the 500, this time without the 320 plugged in. Hmm, maybe it won't be necessary, you can do a Startup Repair by booting with the Windows 7 installer DVD:

    Does the 500 show A-OK in BIOS?
  4. yes the 500 show A-OK in BIOS
    thanks for the reply, I'll try it. Will post update once done
    Thank you very much
  5. okay it's the HDD alright. Bad sectors were the cause..
    I bought a new HDD and the problem is gone
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