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So before I start building my first pc I have a question. I got a hyper 212 Plus and it comes with thermal paste. So do I just make a pea sized amount on the CPU and Place the heat sink as evenly as I can and then mount it on and leave it? Or do I rub it around with a finger in the bag technique.

What would be better finger in the bag or Just placing the Heat sink on the paste and then mount it and leave it there.

While I am building can I update this thread with any questions or issues i run into? and if someone wants could you help me answer my questions and issues if I come along any?

Thanks :D
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    Looking around the internet, you’ll find a lot of different philosophies about how to apply thermal paste. Some people say you should apply it in a dot, some a line, some two lines, some an “X,” and so on. Truth is, all you’re trying to do when applying thermal paste is to get a paper-thin layer of the stuff over as much of your CPU as possible.This will teach you all you need to know the best building pc tutorial -
  2. I just use the pea in the centre with a micro dot 3mmin from each corner , mount the cooler and that's it . So far over 100 cooler changes all have better temps that before the change of cooler or just change of paste from factory .
  3. Most would recommend the rice size in the middle of the cpu. I found that when using the Hyper 212 Plus it is best to apply two lines of thermal paste on the two inner heatpipes, one third the total length of the heatpipe in the middle. This may seem like a lot but the extra will fill in the space between the heatpipes. If this sounds complicated, just apply a rice size amount on the middle of the cpu.
  4. what your gonna want to do is return that 212 plus for the evo... at least!

    I used the 2 grains of rice, not quite pea sized. play around with it, thats the fun!
  5. I use the pea method, though its best to use less than the size of a pea. When the heatsink comes down it will spread the paste over the CPU, just wiggle the heatsink a bit before its locked down and you should be fine.
  6. The pea method is the best as it does not waste the thermal waste and has less mess then the one that has rubbing it on. The heatsink should eventually spread the paste around the cpu when applying it on.
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