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Sabertooth x58 cpu power plug cap

Yesterday I finally caved and bought the components for my new gaming pc. I would have finished already but I had a great halloween party to go to and am working today. When I started to put it together I ran into a bit of confusion.

The CPU power plug on the motherboard is an 8 pin. However there is a cap overtop of four of the pins. You can see this easily in the first photo on the bottom right of the board.

It comes off easily enough and my psu's cpu power plug is a 4+4 pin connector. In the mobo's manual I can't find anything about this cap. I'm wondering what it's purpose is? Am I safe to remove the cap and plug in the full 4+4 plug? I've built a few pc's in the past but never encountered anything like this.

Here are my full specs
I7 950
Radeon 6870
Sabertooth x58 mobo
G.SKILL PK Series DDR3 1333MHz 3x2GB at 7-7-7-18
2x 1TB Western Digital 7200RPM 64MB Buffer in a Raid0 array
NZXT Whisper Classic case

I can't wait to play Empire Total War
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    Use the 8-pin and pull-off the cap. Particularly if you ever OC.

    Some old or new PSU only have a 4-pin.
  2. ^+1. Even if not OCing, just use the 8 pin.
  3. jaquith and shadow70379 got it right. I just wanted to add that the cap is for dust protection in case you only have 4 pin ATX cable. But as far as I know its always better to give all the power possible to the board by using 8 pin EPS cable, especially when you're using power hungry cpu like my Core i7-975
    Extreme Edition.

    Its funny because I found this post thinking that ASUS Sabertooth X58 (that looked like nice board for my 975) had only 4 pins, since on every picture I looked at there was a cap that looked to me like a capacitor or something. Now thanks to c_for and his post I know that it has 8 pins.
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