4 corsair force gt died, now which ssd to buy?

Hi right now I'm experiencing a problem, 4 of my SSD's died at the same time (I bought all 4 at the same time) they are the Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD. Everything went bad when we were having some fun lan gaming yesterday and I did Update FW afterwards and some format and stuff (good thing i got some back up on my files) I will currently get this RMA and I need some replacement ASAP. I won't be using those ssd's anymore on my main pc but will keep them on my test pc's and still check if they are stable after the RMA.

2 Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD on this PC

I7 3960X
msi x79a-gd65 8d
seasonic x-1250 psu

1 on this amd Bulldozer

bulldozer 8150
crosshair v formula
seasonic x-850 psu

1 on this intel i5

i5 2500K
msi z68a-gd80 (G3)
corsair ax850 psu

these are the list of which one's are available on local stores.

OCZ Vertex 3 120gb (read so much dirt about these so I would like to avoid it as much as possible but when looking at the date those were last year)
corsair force 3 120gb (i had 2 of these so far no problems and bought it on the same day as the gt but would like to avoid corsair ssd's as much as possible now)
Crucial M4 120GB (this I like and has many wonderful reviews but stock is not always present and with a price tag of 210$)
Intel 510 120gb (heard wonders with this too but the price tag for this is actually OP IMO, at 348$)

So I would like to put the intel 510 as a last resort since I'll be buying 4 ssd's and 4x intel 510 =is the same as buying my 3960x lol
I'm also looking at review now and since I don't do Benchmarks on SSD's so I don't really keep them around unless I use them.
let's say if we were to put vertex 3 and force 3 (they are at the same price tag on my local store with a 1 dollar difference (force 3 being more expensive)

So will a vertex 3 120gb be great at this time of the year? would like some response to people who actually have them both working and not working right now.
also corsair/ocz has a better warranty/rma stuff around in my area compared to intel and crucial( I think there is like 1 or 2 of crucials around)
so far never had any big problems with my corsair force 3 Just updated the FW before when it had problem and it's fixed.

and as much as possible I would like to avoid Intel 510 for it's unreasonable price but reliability wise it's supposed to be a kick ass same with crucial m4 but I would like some opinion to those that have these 4 SSD's like your opinion or certain problems you've faced these past few months or if you had no problem it would be great congrats.

Note: I don't think there were problems with my hardware, just a moment ago I was testing them on my force 3 and things seems to be working fine and tried testing it with HDD still no problem.

as much as possible I would like to buy the replacement ASAP this week before april.
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  1. no reply. oh well kind of unexpected.

    anyways just for the update I went with 2 Intel ssd's and 2 crucial ssd's going to install it later afternoon
  2. 4 drives of any type failing at exactly the same moment is extraordinarily rare. Other than in the case of a lightning strike or catastrophic PSU failure, I have never heard of this happening.

    I suggest you do some investigating with your MOBO and PSU. If you had 4 SSDs die simultaneously, I seriously doubt the SSDs are the source of the failure. My bet is that you have a problem either with your MOBO or your power supply and that you will end up killing the 4 new SSDs also.
  3. intel 320, 520 or samsung 830
    mushkin chronos
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