First build by me! Some help would be appriciated fast!

Hi im a kid that wants to build a pc and im pretty sure i got the right parts.
Here are the links to the parts of the pc i wanna build for everyday simple tasks such as reading emails, surfing the net, and sometimes watching videos on youtube. Im somewhat a amateur at this.... Also is everything right? Would you replace or suggest anything? What do you think of it? Any help would be appreciated! When you go to the links dont copy the name of the part at the end of each link. CPU Motherboard RAM CD drive HDD Case PSU Fan
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  1. Glanced over it from what I can tell looks fine. No videocard though?
  2. I think its built in to the motherboard
  3. Yeah it's integrated, I was just wondering if you wanted/needed one
  4. What is your budget?
    We could probably make a better computer that doesn't use the dead 775 socket.
  5. my budget is under 500 and also does "the dead 775 socket" mean that its not commonly used anymore?
  6. Well i could prolly shave $15-20 off this config since the same case also comes in a combo with an 80+ certified 400watter but just in case you get bitten by the gaming bug hehe
  7. It would run a few $'s more but the Gigabyte G41 is a better motherboard. And you should get a better PSU.
  8. Will that motherboard fit the case i choose? If not can you recommended a inexpensive one?
  9. yeah mother boards are standard these days but you cant put an atx board in an matx case but you can put an matx board in a atx case
  10. thanks
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