Sapphire 7850 Overclocking

Hello everyone, I'm making this thread because I am going to buy a 7850 and want to know how much can the SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7850 Dual-X - 1 GB (11200-16-21G) overclock, whats the max stable overclock, and at which temperature (ºC) will it be at.
Afterall whats its overclockability.

Theres a pic of the model that I'am going to get.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. that cooling system looks like uit could handle a very high overclock, i havent heard much about 1Gb models overclocks, but they should have the same potential as the 2Gb models i have, currently my 7850 is at 1100MHZ on stock voltage and its not even cracking 50c i have read in other forums of people reaching as high as 1300mhz on 1220mv with 7850's i can PM you a link to the forum post im talking about if you would like?
  2. Yes, please do :)
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