Need Motherboard Recommendation for 1366 Socket

So I'm building a gaming PC in a month or so and I'm getting all my pricing done. I originally planned on going with the i7 860 and a Asus Maximus III Gene motherboard. Then I found out the the i7 860 and the i7 950 are practically the same price (gotta love intel -.-). So, there is no reason for me to not get the extra boost from the 950. The problem is, my beloved Asus Maximus III Gene motherboard is an LGA1156 and the i7 950 is a LGA1366.

So, now I must find an SLI motherboard (I'm running two GTX 480s) that's on par with the Gene III without pushing up my pricing too much. Any suggestions?

PS: I've heard the Sabertooth x58 is too cramped to fit two high end graphic cards into.
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  1. Hi.

    Here are the some options:

    1- ASUS P6X58D-E
    2- Sabertooth x58
    3- Gigabyte UD3R
    4- EVGA X58 FTW3
  2. Edit: I found the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R for around 170 bucks. Not bad. The main downfall for this Mobo is only 4 memory slots compared to the usual 6, so going for 12GB+ would be a problem as far as triple channel is concerned. Also, the CMOS has no clear reset button. Other than that, it might be a good choice.

    I sure miss my Maximus III Gene, but 1156 is becoming old news and I need to be ready for the new stuff. I might just shell out the extra money for a top 1366 Mobo, but I need some details as to why it's worth it. A BIG plus with me would be knowing my two GTX 480s will easily fit in and SLI.
  3. The UD3R is only $10 bucks more that the Saberthooth X58 but even that the Saberthooth should support the GTX 480 SLI without problems since has one PCI line between the two PCI-E lines.
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