Laptop, new hard disk to replace old, moving files? (partitions)

I am replacing a hard disk on a laptop and would like to just move all the files from the old one to the new. The problem is that the original hard disk has 4 partitions on it. How can I pretty much clone the old hard disk to the new.

The old is a 500gb and the new is 750gb.

Should I just make partitions as close to the old one on the new and drag and drop files for each partition? Is there an easier way?

I am using Linux Mint 12 live to copy the files.

Here is a screen shot of how the old hard disk is partitioned:
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  1. Why not just get an external USB enclosure and a new drive. Put the drive in the enclosure. Then get some backup software and clone the drive to the external. When finished, swap the drives. Sorry, I'm not familiar with linux backup software so can't tell you which to use.
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