Pci express x16 vs 2 0

I'm building a system and I need to know if the video card will work in this mobo. If so or if not, what would be the best card in the $200.00 US price range for my build?
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  1. Guess it would help to tell you what mobo I am installing Intel DX58SO Socket LGA1366 Motherboard running the Intel Core i7 920 Quad Core. I guess I should have read tiger's page more carefully as it expressly says it's PCI 2.0 compatable. Da. Still, I would love to hear opinions on the bang for the buck in the $200 US price range.

  2. $200 price range would be the HD 5770 or maybe the HD 5830 (depends on what the release price is 200-250) It is set to be released on the 25th. You should also check the reviews on the 5830 to make sure it is a good buy, just in case it might come out either overpriced or underperforms.

    Depending on your screen resolution Id go witha 5770 for 1680x1050 and less while the 5830 might be better suited towards a 1920x1080 screen over the 5770.
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