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  1. Back in the day, like before the 1980s and maybe a bit into the 1990s, people used to do this. Today, no one does. It is simply not cost effective in most cases.
  2. Best and cheapest way once it breaks is to toss it and buy a new one -- It's just like VCRs and DVD players -- the hourly rate a repairman would charge to fix a broken one is more than it would cost to buy a new one and once one thing breaks it probably will not be long before the other parts start going bad so it is also safer to buy a new one and get a new warranty !!
  3. If you are talking about new motherboards that fails while within warranty, best way is RMA it and leave it to qualified technicians. But once out of warranty, better get a new one.
  4. The best way to repai it (as mentioned above) is to take it out and put in a new one. Some new motherboards are around $35 now and cheaper on specials or even free if you buy it with a combo CPU.
  5. I have a friend that has several broken boards *blown caps and various issues* at first he figured he could get a soldering gun and replace the caps........buuuut that never really worked well.In the long run it is not worth the effort or money to fix a broken board.....just replace it.
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  7. The technology thats used in the manufacturing process is meant be to be thrown away not repaired but it can be done if you want to send your motherboard to company that specialises in surface mount components.I worked for a manufacturer that used this type of technology.Back in the older days all components were through hole soldered on to the back of the circuit board.The ic and other compents were large and easy to see not so anymore.Like as many other suggested its cheaper just to get a new board.
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