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Hi! I'm new to these forums, been doing lots of research for my one every 5 year upgrades.

I've been using the same pc since 2004, decided it was time to get a new one, since I began boning up on my Hardware knowledge (I'm a software guy) every Google link for every question keeps bringing me back here.

Because of how infrequently I upgrade or replace components, I'm looking for things I can't confirm exist yet. I was wondering if anyone knows of a Dual CPU (two individual processors) slot mother board , supporting 4-6 core processors preferably dual-band, and supports dual channel DDR3 RAM with at around 32gigs. Lastly I'd like it to have 2 or more Graphics cards slots preferably for parallel processing (if thats the right term).

I understand that these I'm not rich but to me this is a long term project with no financial limitations, seeing as the motherboard is the foundation of a PC, I was kind of hoping one of these exist, even if it is intended for servers.

I understand that there is little on this earth that could currently require such performance, I am into some serious 3d graphics programs, and want hardware extended viability for another 4-6 years. I am not looking to substitute other single processor, or single graphics card solutions. I don't read unicode, and would not like to be requiring Linux. I need windows compatible hardware.

Any information on the matter would be appreciated.
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  1. Look for a dual xeon 1156 board at newegg if you don't plan on overclocking. One graphic card should be adequate. Lots of problems with two or three graphics cards due to heat and driver issues. Amd makes an eight core cpu for around $800, but the boards are also extremely expensive. Not worth it for the average user.
  2. Dual PSU slot? Or did you mean dual CPU? If you do mean a dual PSU, why would you need one?

    Anyway, for 3D work, I believe there are specially designed GPU for it. Leadtek Quattro is the brand. The most expensive one is around $3400, that's in my country. Maybe they have a more expensive product with higher specs, thus eliminate your need for a dual GPU setup.

    As for the RAM and dual CPU (if that is what you're actually referring), there's no other option other than a server platform. I don't know the actual max. RAM supported, but I bet it's a lot! :lol:
  3. Xeon boards come in single or dual cpu variaties. The dual cpu ones start at around $260 at newegg. You can start out with one cpu and add another later.
  4. Xeon boards, i see it has two processor slots, and 4(+) ram slots, most have no graphics card slots, I'm finding it quite trying to find a board with all of my specified requirements. I'll edit my OP to make it more clear. I'll continue to research as well.
    I found this (Xeon)board, (great tip btw) and in reading it, it sounds like it would meet my requirement's I'd like to know what you guys know/think about it.


    Additionally I was wondering if a sound card could be plugged into an UIO expansion slot.
  5. You might wanna re-revise the PSU abbreviation (hint: PSU stands for Power Supply Unit :P ).

    As for the UIO slot, I'm not familiar with it. Even without it, the board already has 5 PCI-e slots anyway.

    Server boards are kinda complicated, with those ECC RAMs and stuff. Not really my thing (just an undervolter :P ). The only thing I know about them is whatever a mainstream platform has, they have more. :lol: And that's quite ignorant, even by my own standards.
  6. I tried to find a more mainstream board with what I wanted, geared toward more forward processes instead of background processes, but it was my understanding that hardware is hardware, and process management was a software thing. I've gotten a lot of ignorant responses on some other forums I've visited.

    This board does seem to have way more than I need, but I cant find any others with the minimums to compare it to.
  7. The highest performing mainstream CPU is currently the 6-core i7. The way you expressed your discontent seems like you've experienced the i7 first hand. I don't know how CPU demanding your work is, but for 3D designing, the i7 with high performance 6-core can't be that disappointing.

    True, hardware is hardware. But a 6-core (expensive) Intel CPU is also hardware with a highly respectable processing power. ;)

    Which makes me curious, what's the specification of your current setup?
  8. As hinted at by my OP, my current computer is somewhat of a dinosaur, my disappointment is not in the i7 per se, but in the overall setup, motherboard espressly, that i got to try it with.
    In a self generated stress test, I did manage to lock up the i7 and a pair of 512 parallel processing graphics cards with 4 gigs of dual channel DDR2 ram for a solid 4 hours rendering 1 frame in VUE Infinite 7, 6 with the same frame in Poser 7

    My current config uses a single core AMD athalon 3500+, 2 gigs of dual channel DDR2 ram, and one 512 PCI Express Graphics card.
  9. Better to have more that you need than not enough. Pricey system but should out last the next few processor releases. This board is server/high end workstation so enjoy.
  10. That's surprising. A single core CPU, 2GB RAM and 512MB GPU. Forgive me for asking, but how can you be sure that a top-class mainstream platform won't suffice your needs?

    The way I see it, as an addition to the 6-core i7 and top-spec'd Leadtek Quattro GPU you might wanna consider this motherboard:


    The max. RAM is "only" 24GB, but that should be enough for your profile. Plus, that "Super Computer" tag is pretty intimidating... :lol:
  11. The reason I've not been considering a single CPU board, is my expectation of future computers, and my future needs. While a "top shelf" computer would likely suite my current needs, my needs are expanding even now, and long into the future I'd like to not have to upgrade my computer again for 6+ years. That motherboard is an impressive specimen for a single CPU.
  12. Well, since you put it that way, I can't really say anything then. Judging from your current hardware basis, your expectation is pretty high. No offense, but I won't state this if only you have a workstation standard as your current PC.

    One thing I always hear from the members here: "Don't wait for tomorrow if you can have the best performing hardware now"

    Long into the future... How long is that? After 6 to 10 years, hardware improvement will accelerate even more rapidly. Who knows, we might see a 24-core single CPU in the next 2-3 years, which might have the same performance with the current dual CPU. :D
  13. I was thinking you just made my case for me, this is the most powerful board I can bare to have today. :)
    I was looking at the Scythe mugen-2 cooling system from the $2000 build of the month, and was really impressed how its fans mount to the side, can anyone tell me if it's mount will fit on this board?
    Reference Link:
  14. I know this thread hasn't been read in a while but I have a follow up question in reference to this board.
    It was made for Intel(?) so my question is if is SLI/crossfire supported for dual graphics cards?

    The motherboard, again was, the Super Micro X8DTN+-F
  15. Intel motherboard with dual GPU slot supports both AMD Crossfire and nVidia SLI. Which give them the advantage over AMD platform.
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