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I was thinking of useing a XFX HD577AZNEC Radeon HD 5770 Xtreme Edition Video Card with a Intel DX58SO Socket LGA1366 Motherboard running the Intel Core i7 920 Quad Core CPU. Just wondering, in the $200 range is there a better choice card wise. Also, I was wondering if the MB will support PCI 2.0. Tiger's page doesn't say it will, but with a board in this price range...? Well... one would think so.
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  1. resolution?
  2. I guess I should have read tiger's page more carefully as it expressly says it's PCI 2.0 compatable. Da. Still, I would love to hear opinions on the bang for the buck in the $200 US price range.
  3. I run a hp w2207 22" monitor right now so?
  4. 5770 would be fine, if you can wait till thursday then the 5830 will be avaliable but above your $200 price range. 5770 is a good card especially with DX11, stick with ATI :)
  5. Yea, they've got the edge now for sure. This box is way over built for me, but I wan to process video faster and the 3700+ clawhammers rinning on a ASUS KV8 SE delux with 2 gigs of ddr ram needs upgrading. The kids need a faster box too, so this is a two birds with one stone kind of deal.
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