Seasonic S12 II 620W review

I was about to purchase the Seasonic S12II 520W PSU but NCIX has the 620W PSU for about the same price. I was looking for a review of the 620w but cant find any. Is it as good as the S12II 520W? I know the 520W got a n excellent review. Are there any reviews anywhere?
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  1. If I am reading this correctly, you have stated the exact same model and are worried that the 620W version is not as good? The only difference between the PSUs is the wattage rating. Everything else is the same.
  2. read a corsair HX620W review, its made by seasonic and more then likely the exact same PSU

    then purchase the seasonic 620w
  3. It's a great PSU. High, high quality.
  4. "It's a great PSU. High, high quality."

    Are you referring to the 620W?
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    I'm referring to the S12II. (non-modular)
    Anyway, The Corsair HX620 is a great choice too. (modular)

    I would buy the cheapest one.
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