My intel 520 SSD seams run slow

HI everyone.

intel core 2 quad q9450 OC 3.4GH
i have EVGA nforce 780i MOBO
8GB patriot memory 4-4-4-12
zontac gtx 560 sli OC 930MHZ
PSU 700W
WD 16MB 10000RPM GLFS Harddisk
window utimate 7 64bit

I JUST bought a intel 520 SSD SATA3 120gb today
and i did a complete reinstall the window from bland disk

I use the SATA cable which come form.
plug into one of my SATA 2 3gb/s, i have
four sata port together, and other two port
are 1 and 2 on the other side. and i use
crystal disk mark to check my SSD speed.
i did not find any option to change IDE MODE or

my sequence read is 130MB and sequence is 120MB
I think it is running kind of slow, and i think
is it possible that i am not install probaly. i search web
and it say i need to install Microsofts Controller Driver
i will check it later when i back home, but an I missing
something ?
i did not do anything for installing driver that nvida come from
i just simly install window that is all.
and i did not install intel toolbox to optimize my SSD.
Thanks.~!! Have a nice day`!
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  1. I appreciate your help and Please help me .
    this is my first time setup up the SSD
    last time i post a post to choose a SSD
    Please take little time to wirte some comment
  2. Best answer
    Benchmark with ATTO software. CrystalDiskMark uses highly incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds.

    Your motherboard does not support AHCI mode and it does not have 6Gb/s ports so you will not get maximum performance from your SSD.
  3. Best answer selected by philchen.
  4. the ploblem is automaticed solve after i update all the MS updates packages.
    the speed now for Sequence read and write are almost 240. and intel 520 SSD
    is awesome .
  5. Dear Philchen

    I have similar problem in my Imac, in the beguining speed was at range of 200 now decreased to 100. Your solution may help me but I dont know what is MS packges, and how to do in Imac

    Could you inform

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