2X 4890 (2G versions) vs 2X 5770 (1G versions)

I am thinking about changing my 2X videocards right now I have 2X vapor-x sapphire 4890's 2G versions do you think it would be worth my time/money to get a set of vapor-x sapphire 5770 (1G versions)? Also been thinking about the 5870's? What do you all think?
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  1. The 5770's would be a downgrade, as they perform on par with a 4870 (which doesn't perform as well as yours).
    Unless you game with a very high resolution (i.e. 2560 x 1600) or across multiple monitors, you won't notice a move to a pair of 5870s.
  2. I have 2XSamsung SyncMaster 2693HM but I rarely game across both of em
  3. Then you probably won't need 5870's just yet; how are your frames, though, and at what resolution? What are the rest of your specs? If you have money to burn, I could propose the best upgrade for your system if you like.
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    That monitor is 1920x1200. Can't imagine needing an upgrade from what you have now... However you can probably Ebay the HD4890s for not much less than an HD5870 costs. You'll gain DX11 and the heat/power usage difference will be gigantic. It's worth considering although I don't see why you would need 2 of them.
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