Laptop Monitors with .29 Pizel Pitch

OK Folks. Baby-boomer here. I need a monitor with .29 pixel pitch. Smaller pitch and I can't see it. I'm looking for a laptop with this pitch, and I am having a terrible time finding one! Most of the online sites don't say what the pitch is; most of the laptops are wxga, which means a smaller pixel pitch.

How can I find a laptop with this nice BIG .29 pixel pitch?
Can I custom-order or custom-build one?

Does anybody have a FORUM for tech needs of baby boomers, elders, older people?

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  1. Have you tried hitting "Ctrl" and "-" or "+" while in a web browser? This will zoom the entire page in or out which might help you read. Desktop icons can be increased in size and word documents have zooming options as well. Also decreasing your screen resolution below your monitors native resolution could help increase the size of text but sometimes the words end up fuzzy or distorted. Hope some of these work-a-rounds help you out.
  2. I am hearing this for first time(pixel pitch)!
  3. Yes. I know all about zooming in online. That's not the solution for me.
    FOr ALL my apps, I need .29 in order to see them clearly and work efficiently. I need a laptop with .29 PIXEL PITCH.

    How can I get one?
  4. Aneesh@4GHz said:
    I am hearing this for first time(pixel pitch)!

    "Dot pitch (sometimes called line pitch, stripe pitch, phosphor pitch, or pixel pitch)"
    from wikipedia
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