Is my power supply powerful enough to support SLi?

HI, My current setup - AMD Phenom 965, Asus 250GTS 512mb TOP, 4GB(2x2GB) ddr2 Corsair Dominator Ram, and 550w Odin GT PSU. Will this be powerful enough to support an additional 250GTS in sli or must I upgrade my PSU - Im considering the 800w Odin GT PSu (Is it any good??) Thanks
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  1. Yeah, your PSU is SLI certified.
    Confirmed on the GIGABYTE site:
  2. apologies for the blank post...


    However, I am fully aware that it's capable of Sli but my question is - will it be powerful enough (and stable enough) to run my computer? ie Does it supply enough wattage/power?
  3. Should be yes.
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    Well, the following are your components maximum power requirements. Your CPU will use 120 or 140W depending on which stepping it has, will use the 140 figure, your card will use 150W. Then say 100W for all the fans, harddrives and RAM. So with one card you use 390, with two: 560W, that is your absolute maximum load, which it isn't very likely to reach very often. However a 650W PSU is what I would personally want to use.
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  6. Thanks... Hope your both right! (Otherwise I'm gonna have to fork out quite a bit for a new PSU)
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