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Graphics cards have been evolving a lot, they more and more powerful. I expected that this improvement would lead us to have virtual reality (yes, virtual reality glasses visor and headphone) some time ago on videogames. But in the near future, it only seems to be a 3D version on screens with 100 Mhz or more.

Why RV has not been massly implemented? Hardware is too expensive?
Thank you.
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  1. the kind of processing power required to provide an fully engaging experience has not been available to the mass market nor has some areas of technology moved to a high enough standard.

    we are still decades away from true VR i think, things like the xbox/wii/ipad will be the main gaming devices for the mass markets for a while yet.
  2. Read up on Project Natal, jordio. There's also a mouse you control with your thoughts. These 2 combined are basically going to lead to VR.

    But you have to understand, VR is outside the realm of graphics. True VR (not just though glasses) is done through the brainnnnnn.
  3. Another hold back on VR is the need for an environment for you to move through.

    Things like this have been around for a few years but they're expensive.
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