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The building owner is locked into a multi-year contract with AT&T on a T-1 line that is just simply not fat enough for the data flow in the building. For around $1,000 month AT&T will bring the building all the way up to a 3Mb connection, but even that will be fairly weak for all of the downloading of pictures, reports, documents - aside from email there is virtually no outbound data.

Because there are several buildings that link to this one the powers that be are unable/unwilling to replace the current service because they rely on the static IPs and don't want to touch those.

Small business uverse is available in this area with a 24Mb connection (up to 2Mb outbound) for about $80/month. Is there any way to get one of those lines to take over most of the load? I'm thinking that the current circuit can stay up and running and preserve the statics that they are worried about but for the general internet traffic the 24Mb connection would provide a much-needed boost in speed.
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  1. Since U-verse is a part of AT&T also have you tried contacting them and see what they can offer to perhaps switch the service to U-verse while keeping the Static IPs that you already have (figure since they surely deal with this type of thing all the time since U-verse business is fairly new and they are trying to expand it - they may have some things already in place to deal with this type of installation.)

    I know for our home service when we switched to U-verse for our TV, phone and internet as a package they installed all of the needed equipment for free and cancelled our old phone service and internet contracts that we had with them and also gave us $400 in incentives for adding the service to cover the costs involved with cancelling Time Warner cable - and we went to a much better selection of TV channels including all of the sports and HD packages and upgraded to an 18Mb up\1.5Mb down internet form our old 1.5Mb service for $40 less per month than we were paying before.

    So they are making some pretty good deals right now to increase the customer base so it never hurts to call them and have them send someone over to discuss what could be done in your situation.
  2. According to the AT&T department that currently provides the data services AT&T U-Verse does not exist (they say they've never heard of it) and would we like to extend our current contract by a few years and take advantage of their special T-1 bundling program.
  3. Well AT&T sure seems to think it exists - ( LINKIE ) -- try using that page to get ahold of a Uverse business rep and see what they have to offer.
  4. JDFan said:
    Well AT&T sure seems to think it exists - ( LINKIE ) -- try using that page to get ahold of a Uverse business rep and see what they have to offer.

    AT&T in general knows that it exists, but the business services division (that would have to agree to the contract modification) claim they don't know anything about it - as would be expected, as if they have every incentive to keep customers under their own sub-group as opposed to letting their customers switch to a different division of AT&T.

    It isn't a pretty situation and it isn't what it best for the customer, but that's the way things usually work.
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