Upgrading the mobo (m-atx) on acer aspire sa 90 tower

hai ppl

im using a acer sa 90 , and i dunno what hpnd but my comp wouldnt start up not even the bios and so i
read a couple of fourms and i figured out itz a mobo problemo so i really want to upgrade it

i think the mobo is a m-atx form factor
and i dont have a lot of cash to throw around a maximum of 3000 rupees(65 dollars) (indian currency)
and have short listed this mother board:-Asus P5G41T-M LX 8GB DDR3 Intel Motherboard is it a good one?

and if i change the mobo will i have to reinstall my os?
( im currently using windows seven ultimate 32 -bit)
and i have a gtx 460 in the box (still unpacked)
and a intel e4300 core 2 duo @ 1.8 ghz
pls give me ur opinions
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  1. nd i want a mbo with pci-e 2.0 16x and unfortunately all this mobo has is v1.0 got ny buget options for pci-e 2.0 16x with a lga 775 socket
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