Does all asus motherboards have problems

Hello,Just fitted an asus p6x58d-e not picking up ram, in slot 1. picks up ram in both 2+3. changed ram around to make sure not ram sticks still cant find slot 1. could this be a dodgy asus board.
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  1. [quotemsg=1936293,1,753959changed ram around to make sure not ram sticks still cant find slot 1.

    Could you please be a little more clear as to what you mean by cannot find slot 1? Make you posts a little more clear and understandable.
  2. umm ok?? no not all Asus mother boards have issues i have has some runing for ober 4years without a single glitch.

    anyway have u tried just using one stick of ram (in slot 1) and booting it up like that?
  3. Assuming that you have a single RAM, motherboard may not be able to detect it if you install it in a slot that is closest to the CPU (Slot A2). You must install it in a slot second closest to CPU (Slot A1). That is by design.

    If you do not fill A1 or B1 or C1 before you fill A2 or B2 or C2, the RAM sticks in A2 or B2 or C2 will not be recognized. This is so for my motherboard Asus P7P55D. I do not have info about yours, though. Just an idea.
  4. I have the same MB also, with no problems at all..... You do have to populate the second slots first as per the manual.
    Check the QVL to see if the MB supports your RAM speeds....
    Check you RAM voltages default is 1.5 some require more.
  5. My assumptions of your problems:
    1. DDR3 installed in incorrect slots; should be DIMM A1, DIMM B1, DIMM C1
    CPU: | A2 | A1 | B2 | B1 | C2 | C1 |
    2. Incompatible RAM ; Use either Certified {QVL} or Tested
    My pick -> CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) TR3X6G1600C8D
    3. Bad RAM ; Test Memtest86+ create a bootable CD/DVD {ISO/zip}

    My first guess is that you placed your RAM in incorrect DIMM slots; "...slot 1. picks up ram in both 2+3..." common oops!

    I Love EVGA & ASUS the best 2 MOBO Mfg's, I personally run (0% problems) 9 ASUS P6X58D-E rigs.

  6. After reading through a couple different message boards, I find that some people are a little over eager to build a new system.
    They forget to do their homework / research on parts they are using. I spent a couple weeks on research & whether or not I'd buy from an online system builder & pay more
    for their time than the parts I wanted. I booted up about 3 times into bios before I even loaded the OS, just to make sure I had it configured correctly.
    I had little trouble throughout the entire build process. This was my first build in about 10 years, third build ever. The last one being a Gigabyte P4 system.
  7. ^I'm a hobbyist at heart, and for the first time out of box in a longtime 2 weeks obsessing is typical; if you built another now it would take only hours.

    I guess the OP figured-out their mistake.
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