HTPC Setup - Any Thoughts?

I was looking on building a custom HTPC (inc Custom Case). I've narrowed down my spec as follows and would appreciate any comments/suggestions.

My budget is pretty flexible and it use will be (initially) a media PC to sit under my TV. Down the line I'll probable look to build a media server to store all my HD/SD films etc and stream it to the HTPC.

My current chosen spec:

Zotac H55-ITX Mobo
I3-530 CPU
4Gb DDR3 Ram (Already have this)
1Tb WD Green Cavair HDD
Sony BC-5600S Slimline Blu-Ray ODD
150W PicoPSU & 150W Power Brick

What do you guys think?

Thanks In Advance
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  1. That setup would work just fine for a HTPC. The i3/H55 is kind of the new standard for HTPC systems.
  2. Cheers shortstuff,

    any ideas on how good the stock cooler on the I3 i'm planning a custom case i was hoping to utilise as few fans as possible to keep the noise - possibly even try and run it all passive if feasible.
  3. The stock i3 cooler is adequate at stock speeds. I don't see any reason to replace it, especially since there are very few low-profile LGA 1156 coolers on the market.
  4. Cheers Shortstuff.....will wait for payday then place an order

    Cant wait to get into a new build!!!
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