First time installing new cpu cooler

I recently bought a cm hyper 212 evo for my i5 750, I want to o.c to maybe 4ghz. Once i got everything in place tho i could still move the heatsink around, not up off the cpu but a little bit around it, is this normal?

Also whats some decent software for showing cpu temp, and are there any benchmarks to what it should be at, as im not sure if i put the thermal past on correctly (used the pea method).
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  1. Well no replies yet and the anticipation was killing me so I removed the heatsink and found that I put too much on, it was falling off the sides whoops! Also I pointed the fan from the heatsink so the airflow shoots up towards the top case fane which I'm pretty sure is an exhaust fan, is this positioning ok?
  2. coretemp or hardwaremonitor to see cpu temps . What method you use to apply paste ? To much is no good , I use a pea ized dot in centre with 4 microdots 4mm from each corner , so far it has worked well .
    Cooler should not move around , at least nor much .
  3. I downloaded AIDA64, showes around 21 idle and the stress at 100% cpu core 1,2,3,4 where at 45degrees, but then i found out the i5 750 is alot harder to overclock then the newer ones, something about the muliplier being locked oh well doubt i got time to research on how to play with voltages now lol.
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