Plz suggest me a graphic card

here's the config:
processor: intel core 2 duo E4300......1.80 ghz
RAM: 3 gb
psu:450 w
screen resolution: 1280x1024
budget: 100-120 usd
lukin to play gta4, terminator salvation,devil may cry 4...etc
someone suggest me ati HD 4670.....
ur thoughts plz
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  1. HD5670.
  2. My first thought is, learn to type.

    My second is, at that resolution a 4670 will probably be enough. But you may want to get something like a 5670 just because its newer, has dx 11 support, uses less energy, and produces less heat.

    If you want the best performance for that price range, a 4850 is your best bet. But knowing the make and model if your PSU would help greatly in deciding on that.
  3. well, gta 4 wont run well on that cpu, its a cpu heavy game and it favors quad cores. i would look at a 4850 if your budget is 120$. but in the future you really should upgrade the cpu. btw you could overclock your e4300 too :)
  4. i still suggest 4850, much better than 5670, even the 4770 is better than the 5670.
  5. The HD4850 will be mostly wasted on that CPU. Usually I'd say it's the better buy but not in this case.
    If you OC that processor then it's a good choice. If not then the HD4670 is the best choice for the money. This one is a nice deal;
  6. The E4300 should overclock nicely (at least 2.4 GHz). If you overclock, you can get a 4850 for around $100 or less; if you have more cash get a 5870. If you don't overclock, stick with the 4670.
  7. jyjjy said:

    LOL, i think he meant 5970 ;D (joking of course)

    well anyway buy the damn 4850 and upgrade your CPU when you got the money. hes going to need to upgrade the CPU at some point anyway so i dont think the 4850 would be Wasted. IMO of course :)
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